Tennis Able


We couldn't do a lot of the work we do with the players without incredible support from their friends, family and the organisations who help make it happen. They totally get how playing tennis benefits the players and understand how tennis gives the players opportunities to thrive and develop.

“Wheelchair tennis has changed Ben’s life around... he has a smile on court all the time and has achieved so much under Head coach Derek Perry, such as winning the Singles and Doubles at the British Open and the National School Games. Wheelchair Tennis has been amazing in transforming Bens’ outlook on life and we are so proud of him!”

- Ben Bartram’s Mother

“The sessions are adapted perfectly to suit the needs of all people taking part. The coach & all other helpers are fantastic. They really understand how to help our young people achieve.”

- Claire, Parent

“The coaches adapt sessions to teach a variety of skills associated with tennis to help improve individual skills, techniques and game play, to help further Pupil’s progress and enjoyment of the game and these sessions always bring a smile to their faces.”

- Gary Hydon, Clare School

“Derek has been working for us here for a number of months and our clients really enjoy the soft tennis sessions here with him. He is an excellent communicator and has a totally inclusive approach with all our clients in the activity and has achieved some amazing results in the short time he has been here. Everyone looks forward to his visit and really enjoy the group and are still surprised at what they are able to achieve with Derek’s support. I would highly recommend Derek to any individual or organisations that are looking into playing soft tennis.”

- Chris Clark, Headway Norfolk