Tennis Able


Tennis Able is a not-for-profit organisation. We use as much of our small budget as possible towards delivering coached tennis sessions for our players. We receive some funding from our partner, the Norfolk LTA, but significant additional funding has to be raised to enable us to host all the sessions. If you, your business or your charity can support us, we would love to hear from you.

Why fund us?

  • Because you are making an immediate, direct, positive impact.

  • You are helping people achieve things they never thought they could do.

  • You are giving people the chance to escape.

  • You are enabling children to do something no-one thought they ever would.

  • You could be funding a future champion

  • It's not just tennis we teach: our players gain confidence and self-belief.

Local sessions - funding target: £9,000

We really want to deliver as many planned sessions as possible in the year. The more funds we raise, the more sessions we can deliver, and the more lives we can change and impact for the better.

The sessions we run for special schools and SEN classes are usually provided free of charge. School sport budgets are incredibly tight, and tennis sessions make a huge, very positive impact.

We run groups outside school hours as subsidised sessions. We provide regular sessions without asking players to pay monthly subscriptions. Players pay as they play. For players with complex needs, this is really important because regular attendance is not always possible due to their particular health issues.

We’d far rather that players enjoy playing, and come to play when they can. We don't want anyone to worry about having to pay up front when we are very aware that their health challenges might prevent them from attending for several weeks at a time.

Regional sessions - funding target: £2,000

Once funding for our local sessions is covered, we want to expand and help support coaches in the rest of Norfolk and in East Anglia. These funds will subsidise them and enable them to set up Tennis Able supported sessions in their clubs. We already have a number of coaches who are interested in doing this, we just need the funds to help make it happen.

Funding Breakdown

Funding Pie Chart
  • 47% Group sessions (coach & court fees)
  • 20% Schools and colleges (coach & court fees)
  • 16% Regional sessions
  • 8% One-off sessions and tournaments
  • 6% Running costs (accounts, software, company registration fees, bank charges)
  • 2% Equipment

(Funds spent on equipment and running costs (paying external suppliers) remain fairly static, regardless of the level of funding raised. Admin, bookkeeping, website management and social media is undertaken pro bono by volunteers).