Tennis Able


Derek Perry is the head coach of Tennis Able and has taught disability tennis for well over a decade. Working with him we have dedicated number of coaches with a variety of coaching experience. We asked our coaches the following questions so you can get to know a little about them.

  1. Who is your current favourite not top 3 tennis player ?

  2. What tennis shot do you find most satisfying when you hit it perfectly?

  3. What's the best tip that someone told you with regards to playing tennis?

  4. What do you enjoy most about coaching?

  5. What did you have for tea last night? (Question in honour of one of our DS players)


Derek Perry (Head Coach)

  • Player: Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

  • Shot: Drop shot with side spin

  • Tip: Get the ball over and in

  • Coaching: Player you taught on the first day is still there 3 or 4 years later and thriving.

  • Dinner last night: Pizza

Coach Chris


  • Player: Nick Kyrgios - so much talent. But too many demons in his head that effect his game.

  • Shot: Backhand x-court in doubles

  • Tip: Relax and you will enjoy it more, and you will also play better.

  • Coaching: My sessions with the DS group on a Friday and Sunday (loads of smiles and giggles), happy people.πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€πŸ€£πŸ˜‚.

  • Dinner last night: Jacket potato, because my 8 year old son wanted my Bolognese . Tonight he is making us all burritos.



  • Player: I don't actually have a favourite tennis player, I often just watch for the enjoyment of watching tennis and admire how good they all are! But if forced to choose I would go for Simona Halep.

  • Shot: The most satisfying shot to get right for me is a backhand! It feels great when you're able to hit it just right.

  • Tip: Focus on the point in front of you, not the previous ones: this helps maintain focus and positivity!

  • Coaching: I enjoy coaching as I love getting to meet new people and help them achieve their goals on the tennis court

  • Dinner last night: Chinese takeaway!



  • Player: I like different bits from so many players. Kyrgios's creativity, Halep's rage, Goffin's determination. But most of all I like the speed and the backhand of Fognini.

  • Shot: 2nd serve return. When you know you can attack the serve and just leave the opposition helpless.

  • Tip: After a tough session, remember one point or shot that you played really well.

  • Coaching: Seeing players achieve new things and progress, but mostly enjoying playing tennis and having fun.

  • Dinner last night: Lamb and Spinach curry.