Tennis Able


Local Aims

With full funding we can coach a significant number of tennis players and groups, providing sessions that cater for a diverse set of needs. We currently work with a wide range of local schools and groups and really want to continue, and expand our Tennis Able provision if possible. Funding for our local aims will enable us to deliver the following:

Tennis in Groups and Schools

Groups and Schools

Provide sessions for 14 different groups and schools

Tennis Player


Work with more than 160 different players throughout the year

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Deliver over 180 sessions

Special Olympics

Special Olympics

Take the first East Anglian tennis team to compete in the Special Olympics

We work with a diverse group of players with a range of complex needs.

  • Complex needs schools

    • Players with autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, physical impairments, hearing impairments and visual impairments.

  • Mainstream SEN (Special Educational Needs)

    • Autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, mental health issues, physical disabilities, cerebral palsy

  • Vision Norfolk

    • Visual Impairment

  • MIND

    • Mental Health

  • DS Active

    • Down's Syndrome

  • Headway

    • Stroke and brain injuries

  • Steel Bones

    • Amputees missing upper and lower limbs

  • Wheelchair Tennis

Regional Aims

As we continue to develop Tennis Able, we want to expand what we do and help other coaches within the region set up their own Tennis Able sessions. We’d love to inspire, encourage and support other coaches to start sessions at their own clubs to work and to with special needs groups as part of our partnership with the National Tennis Association.